Andrea Brighi

Certified Rolfer

He was born in Milan in 1974 and took his first steps in the world of Martial Arts at the age of 6 with Judo. His passion for martial arts led him to study Chinese Traditional Kung Fu, Taijiquan and Qi Gong. Every year, since he was 21, he travels regularly to China to study and deepen the part that has most fascinated his path, the development of human potential.

In 2001 he met the Rolfing® and, after having fully sedimented the method, he was certified in 2012 as Rolfer (Certified Rolfer ™), continuing assiduously the training path of the method.
He was President of the Italian Association Rolfing® S.I. until January 2016. Today he is vice president.
Together with two dear friends and colleagues, Nicola Carofiglio (Rofler ™) and Gianluca Ballarin (M ° of Taiji), in 2016 he gave life to an experiential path ("Corpo Pieno Corpo Vuoto", joining the world of Rolfing with that of martial arts.


Vice-president of the Associazione Italiana Rolfing® S.I.

Association that represents, promotes and protects Rolfing® S.I. in Italy


Registered and recognized by the European Rolfing® Association

The association that represents, promotes and protects the Rolfing®SI in Europe on behalf of the Rolf Institute of Bolder (Colorado - USA).


Taiji Master


Master of Traditional Kung fu


Qi-Gong Master

Where he receives


Studio Rolfing® S.I. - ThinkingBody

Via Galliera 62



Telephone: 3349518408


c/o Centro AIVI

Via S.Stefano, 6



Telephone: 3349518408


Centro Puntodonna

Via P. Maroncelli 39



Telephone: 3349518408

What is the Rolfing®?

The words ROLFING® S.I. and the logo is a registered trademark of the "ROLF INSTITUTE of STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION, Boulder CO., U.S.A."

The path of Rolfing® S.I. it takes place through a cycle of ten individual meetings.

Each meeting lasts about an hour and is based on precise themes and is customized for each individual. The Rolfer ™ devotes time to a preliminary interview with the client and observes the body of the person in an upright position, in movement, and in the space to "read" the main organizational characteristics.

Through a sensitive and decisive touch at the same time, the Rolfer ™ works to restore a sense of the body allowing the person to free the body from restrictions, tensions and motor patterns that force the body itself to permanent tensions.


Generally, the session takes place with the client lying on a bed and ends with the client standing to evaluate any changes that occurred during the session. Through the touch, the search for a more efficient motor coordination and the refinement of the perception of oneself, the Rolfer ™ aims to favor the psychophysical integration of the client, educating him to maintain a dialogue with what he has learned in order to gain greater awareness of efficiency and functionality .

"Rolfing® S.I. is the philosophy, the science and the art of the integration of the human structure in the space-time dimension and in the gravity, through an educational touch of the connective tissue and the education to the movement."

J. Sultan and J. Maytland