Convention on Integrated Oncology


I was invited as a speaker by Prof Palmieri, scientific director of the event, with a rather difficult task. A report entitled "Role of the qualified herbalist: scientific evidence on the use of herbs and medicinal extracts to support cancer".

Argument not easy, full of fake-news, exaggerations, illusions. But the argument is also full of positive results, scientific rationale.

In the time available I made a quick overview on the figure of the herbalist, on which competence he acquires with his degree, on how much variability is encountered when treating the officinal herbs.
Then, I presented a series of results obtained with various extracts that I prepared in the laboratory, on what are the main problems of the cancer patient, such as to further aggravate his quality of life.

Lastly, a reference to a series of examples on how the supplements can currently be adulterated or contaminated, how desirable checks are and how important it is today, more than ever, the figure of the herbalist as a control figure.

An intense day, full of interesting interventions, where the integration between official and complementary medicine was not lacking.