Ovarian Cancer 2018

Current strategies and future perspectives


I accept with pride the invitation as speaker at this Congress organized by the Medical Oncology Addarii of the Policlinico S. Orsola-Malpighi together with the Loto Onlus.
An herbalist in a health congress, and on such an important subject.
It seems like a dream, but, thanks to Doctors with heart, this can happen.


The event took place in an atmosphere of great sharing, where the reference centers for ovarian cancer present in Emilia Romagna illustrated the strengths and weaknesses of their patient management.
In the afternoon, preceding important medical interventions, I was able to illustrate some of the officinal herbs that present sufficient data and clinical trials to allow them to be potentially integrated into integration paths.
As always, I have also shown the critical issues in the herbalist world, between the despecialization of the sector, variables that can only be managed by the herbalist and the need for team work.


A big thank you goes to Dr. Zamagni and Dr. De Iaco for inviting me on such an important occasion as a speaker. Exquisite people, great professionalism, great humanity and humility. I believe this is the key for a real change.