In Nature for cancer patients
Paths of unconventional medicine


In the relaxing setting of the Villaggio della Salute Più it took place a residential, organized by Loto Onlus, which saw cancer patients participate together with health professionals.

Among the topics, which ranged from Oncology, to Sexuality and Acupuncture, to practices of Qi-Gong, Watsu, Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, there was also space for Herbal Medicine.

I was entrusted with a good argument: The interactions between herbal medicine and oncology.

Interesting title that can refer to how the Herbalist is able to accompany the official Oncology in pathways for the patient care. However, this title can also refer to certain interactions between medicinal herbs and drugs, which must be avoided.

In the Internet age, where the dissemination of news (often false or incorrect) is continuous, unstoppable and increasing, I find the organization of these meetings praiseworthy.

The interest, that day, was so much and the patients have had the opportunity to express a considerable amount of doubts originated precisely from those news that are disclosed online.

What to say, the Herbalist was present, in a serious manner, with a nice debate with the Director of Oncology. Is this the beginning of a real change?