FEI 2017 - National Advisor

The meeting of FEI members with the National Board of Directors, until now in office, took place on 10 July 2017. In addition to the important issues in the field of herbal medicine, to strengthen the protection of the profession and the health of consumers, the election of new councilors took place.
I can proudly announce that I have been appointed as National Councilor of the FEI Board.

The office is an important commitment, a great responsibility but also a great opportunity.
There is the possibility to be in contact with pillars of Italian herbalism and to represents the Italian qualified herbal medicine in Italy and beyond.
There is the possibility to be a part of the Federation that protects Professional Herbalists as a member of the EHTPA, with a weight, therefore, not only Italian but European.

I enclose the link of the statement on the Confcommercio website, where are reported the names of all the advisors.