Loto Onlus 2018, Beginning of the cooperation

2018, the beginning of a very interesting collaboration with Loto Onlus, an association involved in social activities related to ovarian cancer.
Engaged in many activities, they boast an excellent Scientific Committee.

In all this, I had the honor of starting a cooperation with them called "The word to the herbalist" (http://www.lotonlus.org/portfolio/la-parola-allerborista/).

They write:
"Today begins a collaboration with Dr. Andrea Passini specializing in cultivation, transformation, formulation, packaging, marketing and control of health products based on medicinal plants, which for Loto Onlus will write very interesting pills on the world of herbalism, between false myths and reality,
In fact, the herbs are assumed thinking that they can not create problems or interactions, but this is not always the case, on the contrary ... "

The project will consist of a series of articles, one every about 10 days, in which I will give some informational pill linked to the world of medicinal herbs.

It will be a useful tool to put certain limits on fake-news and inaccuracies that are spreading more and more.
Thanks Loto and Thanks to the Scientific Committee for the esteem shown to me.