Prize FEI 2016 - First place

It is with great honor that I share the victory of the FEI 2016 award organized by the Italian Herbalists Federation. My thesis, entitled "Qualitative quantitative determination of L-Dopa in commercial preparations from seeds of Mucuna pruriens L." was awarded the first place of the experimental theses.
From this research is born an article published on Clinical Neuropharmacology and visible on Pubmed at this link, of which you can also read an article in the Scientific Researches section of this site.

On November 6, 2016, the award ceremony took place at the Botanical Garden of Florence, a wonderful place, where we also had the good fortune to receive a lesson from Dr Paolo Luzzi.
I had the honor of being able to present my work in front of many qualified herbalists, emphasizing one of the fundamental aspects that have arisen: the medical doctor-herbalist cooperation. Just as Dr. Luzzi told us, this collaboration was already present in 1500 and today more than ever there is the need for a return to that wisdom of the past.
In this thesis, in particular, it was possible to create a truly beautiful and healthy working group: a botanist, a chemistry (CTF), three medical doctors (from the hospitals of S. Orsola-Malpighi and Bellaria of Bologna) and myself as an herbalist.

A deep thank you goes to Dr.ssa Guarino and Dr.ssa Contin who have sought an herbalist cooperation to solve a major problem of management of patients with Parkinson's. I also thank Prof Poli and Dott.ssa Iannello for chemical and botanical support. I thank the FEI for giving me the honor of being able to present my work in their presence. And I thank my wife for enduring me :)

Being judged in this way by a similar federation is priceless.
Federation that protects the profession of qualified herbalist (which, among other things, is in force and is protected by Law No. 99 of 6 January 1931, preventing anyone else from being able to collect, work and spread information about medicinal herbs) and that it is into the EHTPA (European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association), an association that protects herbal medicine in Europe, also declaring who is qualified to lead it.

This award and this path acquire, in this way, further value and push me to continue more and more convinced on this path, enriching it with cooperations increasingly directed to the good of people.