National Register of Professional Herbalists - RNEP

The National Register of Professional Herbalists ( was established by the FEI (Italian Herbalist Federation) and announced by the EHTPA (European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association - http: //www.feierboristi. org / fei / the-national register-herbalists-professionals-disembarkation-in-europe / ehtpa-rnep /) to cope with the spread of herbal medicine abuse implemented by schools of naturopathy, masters, courses, meetings, popular universities and any other event that, inappropriately and in spite of current legislation, promises members to achieve the title of herbalist / consultant in herbal medicine / herbal technician.

The Registry is configured as an extremely valid tool for:

  • Graduated herbalists = it is a way to be found by citizens close to you (thanks to the geolocation system) and to be recognized as having legal title to practice herbal medicine.
  • Consumers = which allows you to know if the herbalist you are addressing is really an herbalist and in possession of the requirements required by law (not only the degree, but also the preparation needed to achieve the title).
  • Medical Doctors = who can check which herbalists to contact for advice and cooperations.

My registration number is ERA0096P.