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Alternatively, you can find here the product suitable for you (eg purification, drainage, joints, liver, etc.)

Laboratorio Atom is the new website selling supplements and natural products online and vitamin, as well as herbal products, for those seeking a professional use of herbs, followed by advice in herbal medicine.
We are not one of the classic sites for supplements. Ours is an online herbal shop who wants to provide you with artisanal products, cultivated and created by our hands in a continuous mix between scientific herbalism and agriculture.
With us you can also see real projects realized with international realities, aimed at providing you with safe and controlled supplements and natural products.

Fluid Extracts

A selection of high quality herbal fluid extracts, mixed according to own formulations and techniques to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Hydroalcoholic Tinctures

Pure extracts derived from our cultivated plants or from plants harvested in the woods. You will feel the very essence of Nature bursting from every bottle of food supplement.

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Tea Project, a collaboration between Laboratorio Atom and Japanese green tea farmers. Safely buy the finest Japanese tea. The constant relationship with farmers and producers allows us to guarantee you a safe intake of tea, with full control of the supply chain. Matcha tea, Gyokuro, Kabusecha and many others. For more information, visit this link.

Oleolites (extracts in oil)

Extracts in oil of own production. The oil presents all the peculiar health characteristics of the Lamone river valley, where the village of Brisighella dominates. For thousands of years the human being has been able to exploit the particular climatic conditions of the area to obtain a valuable olive oil and the excellent concentration in fatty acids and polyphenols. The union with the plants grown by us or harvested in the woods allows us to fully exploit the full potential of the territory. Potential that you can find in these oleolites, suitable for food use (integration, seasoning for food) but also for cosmetic use.

Supplements (Tablets, Pearls)

Food supplements packaged in our laboratory and suitable for every need, in the form of pearls and tablets. Natural products such as vegetable charcoal and vegetable oils such as evening primrose oil or wheat germ oil will soon be available.

Essential Oils

A selection of certified essential oils, suitable as food (as indicated) but also as a cosmetic, to be added to massage oils, baths, foot baths, face masks.


Natural cosmetic products based on officinal herbs and plant extracts to accompany the care of your person.

Alternatively, you can find here the product suitable for you (eg purification, drainage, joints, liver, etc.)