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A close collaboration between Laboratorio Atom and Japanese tea growers, carefully selected to provide quality and safety.



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Japanese Green Tea

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A selection of Japanese teas that are organic, certified and really grown in Japan. The whole supply chain is controlled, from cultivation to our laboratory. Each processing is carried out by Japanese farmers who put into practice their oldest traditions.
We have chosen to select the teas from three companies that are able to supply us with tea grown in three different areas of Japan. In this way, you can savor not only the quality of real Japanese teas, but also their herbal variability.

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Immerse yourself in our CromoAtom®, a revolutionary way to choose the right tea for your needs.

Why drink tea every day? Because many scientific studies and clinical trials have long demonstrated its preventive properties and maintenance of well-being and health.
Why choose our teas? Because we actively collaborate with growers. Because we offer products of certain origin and accompanied by certificates of analysis. Because ours is a project, not a simple resale.