Cultivation and Harvesting of Medicinal Herbs

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The cultivation of officinal herbs takes place in full compliance with the life and production cycle of each plant. Soils, fresh plants and dried plants are checked with real analysis, according to HACCP control plan and actual laws. We also have a second microbiological control inside the laboratory. We do not use fertilizers, pesticides or plant protection products.

The collection of spontaneous species pays attention to preserving the habitats unaltered, guaranteeing an always rich presence of the plant species we use.

Our Story

Farmers family, health figures by vocation. So we decided to combine the two skills by providing tools related to the herbal tradition but now more than ever current, for a better management of people's well-being.


Provide a safe and quality "health path". Serious, between tradition and modern science, in full control of the supply chain of medicinal herbs.