Production of Food Supplements

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Our laboratory is authorized to produce food supplements. Through largely manual methods, with minimal energy consumption, we obtain food supplements based on safe and taste-pleasing herbs.

You will find, in our products, all the essence of our plants and the love with which they have been grown.

Our Story

It is in contact with the plants that we have learned to appreciate them, to understand them and to recognize what it is possible to obtain from them. The conquest of the professional title, with a degree in Erboristeria, did the rest.

"You will find more in the woods than in the books, the trees and the rocks will teach you things that no teacher will tell you"
San Bernardo di Chiaravalle


Thanks to our supplements, allow everyone to receive at home part of the Nature that we take care of every day.
Assure the final consumer a full control of the supply chain of medicinal herbs that will be consumed.
Transparency and Loyalty.